Meet Bella! She is approx., 6 years old, black 85 pound beauty! Her mom passed away and with nowhere to go found herself in a kill shelter. Bella is a stunning sweetheart from all accounts and so deserving! She is the sweetest dog ever her temporary foster says. She listens extremely well. She is crate trained and house broken. She is great around other dogs. The fosters four kids love her. We are not sure about cats. She is truly is a fantastic dog thus far. She can be playful at times and loves to chill most of the time. She is very strong and does require more leash training. Bella is fully vetted; spayed, up-to-date on all her vaccines, heart worm tested negative plus microchipped. She is ready for a forever home! Please consider Bella!


This is sweet Ursa! She is an active, beautiful yellow lab female. Ursa is 82 pounds, a little over a year, super affectionate and loves people. She loves to swim, play fetch and hang out with a human active partner that can spend time with her. She doesn't do well when she is alone for long periods of time, is mouthy when she plays, will jump up so not good with small young children. She rides well in a car, still needs leash training, but does know several cues like sit and down. She is house broken and crate trained and enjoys both inside and the outdoors. She is best in a home with a stay-at-home family member that can give her the attention she deserves since she gets bored easily, likes attention and will chew if left alone for long periods of time. Ursa would also like a big fenced in yard she can romp around in to play ball and just enjoy the day. Ursa would be great with an active individual or couple with no children or young adults. If you are interested in this beautiful Ursa please go to our website and complete the pre-adoption application



Remington is as sweet as they come. We think he's a pure breed Yellow Lab mostly. He loves to cuddle, give kisses, and just be wherever you are all the time. If you're up and about so is he, if you're standing still or sitting down, he's snoozing at your side. He is approx. 1.5 -2 years old and 75 pounds. Remington is good around other dogs and all people. He has not been tested with cats, but foster believes he would do fine if slowly introduced. He does know sit and shake. ...He LOVES to play fetch. He could fetch a ball all day long if you had the time, so he definitely has ball drive. He is also content carrying around his toys. He is happy to stay in his crate when you're not home or at night but he also sleeps out of the crate through the night on the floor. Remington is house trained, and being a young lab, needs plenty of exercise - walks or fetch time. He requires a family that is willing to be be patient and continue to train him. He does walk on a leash, and he is learning not pull. Remington would make a great addition to a family with other dogs in the house, kids that don't mind getting bumped by Remington occasionally and/or active adults. Ideally he needs to be with someone that is willing to exercise him regularly and/or has a yard he can roam around. Remington is up-to-date on his vaccines, neutered and microchipped. He did test positive for heart worms and is currently being treated by the rescue. It was also determined he has a slight vision impairment. Low lighting makes it harder for him to see clearly. This is a condition that is genetic and is what it is. This hasn't slowed him down and all!

Little Red

Meet Little Red! He is a small package of 35-40 pounds, a gorgeous boy Boxer mixed with sugar! He is one of the most awesome dogs I have ever known and after having him for a period of time I can truly say he is smart, very affectionate and funny too. He is quiet, pretty well mannered and enjoys running and playing with all size dogs. He gives you no trouble at all. He is treat motivated so easy to train and has already learned basic cues like sit, come and get in your kennel. He is wonderful little dog that would make a great companion dog to individual that would love to have a dog to hang out with. He would do well with a family with teens. He loves to run fast so small toddlers and young children would not be a good fit, but older and teens he would love to pal around with. Little Red would do well in a household with other dogs and thus far he is a round a chicken he ignores. Hasn't been tested around cats, but I suspected he could learn to get along with them too. Little Red is just too cute when he raises his cheek to you to ask you to give him a kiss. At times he just wants you to pet him and rub his belly. He also enjoys a game of hide and seek. He is not much of a retriever, but he loves to play keep away with a tennis ball or toy. To see Little Red in action visit our videos. If interested in Little Red please go pre-adoption application.