Sky Blu


This is Sky Blu! Just like the blue skies she is a dog that brings people comfort. Its her temperament and personality that touches your spirit. Two words for this little lady. Beautiful and Sweet! She loves people although she may or may not be a little shy at first. She is such a Happy Girl! She has started her training and is working on housetraining, simple commands-she’s mastered “Sit” and “Back”, She pulls hard on the leash but we are working on that too. She loves to ride in the car. She plays nicely with all other dogs although she was a bit standoffish at first. lf you have the time to throw a ball or other toys, she does enjoy retrieving. Throw the ball, she runs and gets it, then she brings it back but doesn’t give it up until she runs through your legs and comes around for a hug and then she gives the ball. Stay tuned for a video of this to come at a later date. She is food motivated, attention motivated, affection motivated, She aims to please. Sky is approx. 16-18 months old or younger, 46 pounds, and slightly under weight. Sky Blu has been fully vetted; spayed, up-to-date on vaccines, heart worm tested negative and placed on prevention plus microchipped. If you are interested in Sky Blu please go to our website and complete the online pre-adoption application




Meet Lucky! He is 1.5 years old, 65 pound, mostly Labrador with a little Husky. Lucky is extremely obedient and knows sit, stay, down, shake and come. He does well on a leash and does great riding in a car. Lucky is also very smart, loving and affectionate. He does have energy so he requires a home that will give him plenty of exercise, love and attention and a large fenced in yard. Lucky does well around other dogs and would prefer a home with another dog his age to play with, not sure how he would do around cats. He also would do well in a home that has a stay-at-home adult or work-from-home that is active and willing to share some of their day with a loyal best friend. If you are interested in Lucky please go to our website and complete the pre-adoption application.                                                 Lucky is fully vetted; neutered, up-to-date on all vaccines, heart worm tested and on prevention plus microchipped.




Meet Clyde like a Clydesdale he is gorgeous and majestic!  He is approx. 2-3 yrs old, 100 pounds making him one big boy! The bigger the better some would say! He is a total lover, one real sweetheart that takes his snuggling responsibilities very seriously and will land in your lap! He is awfully heavy to be a lap dog, but he wants to be where you are! You cannot help but love this boy and will accommodate him once he bats his Southern Charm! 
Clyde will stand at attention as soon as he sees a tennis ball and does whatever you say.  He loves to retrieve in a game of fetch and plays fetch on a professional level. He knows basic cues like sit, down and shake.  He is not particularly fond of doorways or to get into a crate, but once in it he is fine. He is not a barker, but he does bark when he has something to say.  He rides good in a car an occasionally will sneak in a few kisses along the way.  He definitely likes to curl up next to you and loves people period. He has no clue how big he is or how strong.  Clyde is good around other dogs his size, no cats and we don't believe he is ideal for small dogs, small children or seniors.  Clyde is house broken and will pickup shoes and ask you to toss them for him.  lol Clyde would do well with someone who would love to teach him a few tricks and can handle a big, strong dog. His ideal home would include older sturdier teens and possibly another larger dog he could romp with and enjoy a nice afternoon of playing in a big fenced in yard. Clyde prefers to be inside, loves a couch and wants to snuggle in a bed, so wherever you are is where this boy wants to be. Given his strength and size we recommend he make his forever home with a family who can handle a sizable, playful dog who is still very much a goofy puppy with lots of unconditional love.

Clyde did test slightly positive for heart worms, but we have started his treatment and will treat until heart worm negative.

Clyde has been fully vetted; neutered, up-to-date on vaccines plus microchipped and being treated for heart worms.

If you are interested in Clyde please go to our online pre-adoption application