Foster care consists of providing a safe, loving, temporary home for a dog until a permanent adoptive home can be found.

We try to screen all dogs for health and temperament issues before entering our program if we can, but sometimes their life is on the line and we must act immediately. We can only rescue as many dogs as we have foster homes! If you are thinking of fostering check out and Tips for Being a Good Doggie Foster

We provide basic supplies, veterinary care, and guidance. You provide love, training and a home. The dog provides you with love, joy, and the satisfaction of having saved a life. The time involved is usually from two weeks to months depending on a forever home. The dog is shown at adoption events posted on social media sites, our website, and other adoption websites: like PetFinder, and Adopt-a-pet. Foster home responsibilities:

  • Provide temporary home for the dog.

  • Be patient. Understand that all dogs are rescue dogs and their behavior can be unpredictable. Be prepared for some adjustment in the beginning. It can be stressful for both you and the dog to be in a new situation.

  • Be willing to foster your dog from rescue to adoption. The amount of time needed to find a permanent home for a dog can vary from weeks to months.

  • If you are working full time, provide a safe place for the dog inside the home while you are gone. If the dog will be outside while you are away for short periods be sure to provide a shelter for the dog to retreat during stormy or hot weather. A fence of at least 5 feet is recommended to prevent a dog from jumping over. If the dog is indoors we highly recommend crate training to keep both the dog and your home safe and secure.

  • Foster homes sign a Foster Agreement and agree to abide by Southern Skies Labrador Rescue & Adoption Inc., (SSLR) policies.

  • Notify your SSLR contact immediately in the event the dog is sick or lost (your foster agreement includes the names and numbers of your contacts). Take the dog to medical appointments and whenever possible adoption events.

  • Notify your SSLR contact well in advance of you going on any vacation so we can provide another home for your dog to go to or work out other arrangements with you. Taking your foster dog with you also requires SSLR permission.

  • Keep SSLR informed about your foster dog's personality, quirks, behavior, etc. Your input is invaluable for describing the dog on the website and to potential adopters.

  • Treat the dog as a member of your family.

  • Send to your SSLR contact digital photographs and a write-up on the dog as soon as possible or make arrangements with SSLR to get it done.

Dogs are placed through the visibility of the dog at adoption events, the internet, and advertising. After a home visit, all adopted dogs must have adoption papers filled out, signed, and the adoption fee paid before they can go home with an adopter. We welcome foster homes that work to find permanent homes for their foster dogs. Southern Skies Labrador Rescue & Adoption Inc., requirements must be met by all adopters. We encourage that foster homes be willing to foster 2-3 dogs before actually adopting one. We do understand that parting with the first dog is the hardest, but the reward for saving lives is beyond measure.