Meet Pierce! Pierce was rescued off a chain weighing 27 pounds by a fellow rescuer. Pierce is approx., 3-4 years old and now a healthy 55- 60 pounds thanks to his foster family. Pierce not only suffered chained, he lived with no love or attention in the nastiest place ever laid eyes on by rescuers along with 7 other fur siblings. Pierce unsurprisingly has been tested heart worm positive, but we will be treating this sweet and loving boy. The good news is Pierce shows no clinical signs of heart worms so he will be just fine and will recover! Pierce in spite of his circumstances is friendly to all people. Its like he is seeing things for the first time off the chain and acts very puppy like naturally. He has a healthy curiosity. He is still learning leash manners and not to jump up on people. He would definitely require more work before he could be around small kids, so a family with older teens is best. He likes other dogs but does food garding which is pretty much natural after being starved, so would need to be feed separately from other dogs or be the only boy in the household. He has improved tremendously since his rescue and will require obedience training and a fenced in yard to play in. Medium energy level and seems to be fine with cats. This boy is deserving of a home that will love him and give him the kind of life he has missed out on. Pierce will be fully vetted; neutered, up-to-date on vaccines, heart worm treated and treatment to go with family who adopts him. Plus will be microchipped and receive a care package. If you are interested in giving this awesome boy named Pierce a home please go complete our online pre-adoption application.




Sweet as Sugar and Twice as Nice…that is our Southern Skies Sugar! A 57 pound, 2 ½ year old solid black lab female with a beautiful shiny coat. Sugar was in a shelter with the clock ticking; fortunately everything fell into place for her to become a part of Southern Skies. Sugar is perfect, she loves people of all ages, sizes, gender and is happy to let you know how she feels. She loves following someone around, if it’s not her foster mom, it’s her foster fur brother, who is teaching her a lot. A perfect day for Sugar would be being petted, going for a walk, snuggling, playing tug of war, entertaining herself with a ball and a chew toy, and then top it off by going for a car ride. If you could also work in meeting new people, well that would be an even a better day. If she trusts you, she will let you check her ears, mouth, hold her feet, roll her over to rub her tummy. Sugar is calm and only jumps when super excited and is easy on a leash. She likes other dogs, loves to play and understands dog cues as to who wants to play and which dogs to stay away from. She does not know very many commands, but she is a pleaser and is learning quickly. She watches her foster’s dogs and is happy to imitate them in sit and treat taking. We are pretty sure that living inside is new to Sugar. TV fascinates her, but even more fascinating and a bit unsettling are all the reflections of herself in the mirrors, windows at night, and the kitchen appliances! She cannot walk by one that she doesn’t do a double take. She is loving all the comfortable seating and being close to a person. We are working hard on house training and making progress. On her first trip to the vet she barked at small dogs, but she has not barked at any dogs, or barked much at all since being in her foster home. When she had her spay the vet staff fell in love with her, a couple of the staff would even sneak back and get some sugar from Sugar during the day. She is happy to give you kisses but she is not a dog that wants to kiss you constantly. Sugar is medium energy but she’s young so she will have bursts of excitement and zoom around the house. Sugar would do well in a house with a large fenced in yard, she is curious and likes to explore and prefers to do it without a leash on. She needs a home with people that want to spend time with her and don’t mind being followed around. She would do best with a stay-at-home family member to spend the day with. She is not a mouther or chewer, but enjoys toys and enjoys babies and kids. Another dog in the house would be great or an occasional trip to the dog park or doggy day care. She would not do well if the other dog in the house was nonstop and super high energy. We do not know how she will do with a cat. You will also have to have time when going on walks for people to stop you and tell you how beautiful she is (pictures do not do her justice) and how sweet she is, and she will be happy to indulge them, and let them pet her while she sits and looks up at them endearingly. Sugar has been vaccinated, spayed, microchipped and is heartworm negative.