Meet Brody! Brody is a seven year old chocolate Lab boy that weights about 65 lbs that is a big baby. Brody's family life has changed starting with a death in the family and with all these unexpected changes he is needing a new home. He is easy going and just wants to lay in your lap and lick you all over. He is a very loving dog. Brody is scared of storms, but if you are with him during a storm, he is fine. He just wants to be near you. Brody is house broken. Brody hasn't had much attention so he is needing a family that can give him that. Brody is great around children and fine with other dogs but we are not sure about cats. Brody does require a fenced in yard to romp around but prefers to be where his humans are or he may get into mischief. Brody is fully medically vetted; neutered, up-to-date, heart worm tested negative and on prevention plus microchipped. 



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Meet Pepper! This poor gal at 1 1/2 years old had a rough start and on the brink of death when found a year ago, but now on the mend and we wish to change and put the past behind her! Pepper is approx., 55 pounds and Lab/Border Collie mix. She takes a little time to warm up to folks especially men. She is somewhat timid, but eager to trust kind humans. Pepper needs understanding, kindness, unconditional love, a gentle touch or she cowards with fast movements, scared of storms and loud sounds. Pepper loves to play, has plenty of energy and enjoys a good game of tug-a-war. She needs a human companion that can cherish everything about her and break the barriers and shell still surrounding her. She would love a human buddy to enjoy a lifetime with! Pepper like all young pups still needs obedience training, is housebroken and can use more help with leash walking. Pepper would ideally go to a home with another dog to play with and a large fenced in yard to romp around in whenever outside to enjoy the day. If you are interested in making a difference and gaining a loving fur friend please consider Pepper. To apply please go to complete our online pre-adoption application. Pepper will be fully medically vetted; spayed and up-to-date on everything before going to her forever home. She is heart worm negative and on prevention plus will be micro-chipped.



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Meet Ally! Ally is a sweet and loving yellow lab mix, between 1-2 years old and approx., 65 pounds. Ally is an unpolished gem; super sweet, loving, playful and very strong. She enjoys being with her human and playing with other dogs. Ally is house broken and crate trained although she would prefer not to be in one. She is a good passenger in a vehicle, but definitely needs work when it comes to leashing walking and one that is super strong. Ally would do best in a home with a stay-at-home or work-from-home family member since she loves attention and prefers not to spend her time alone. She would also love a fur sibling her size to play with and must be fed separately and left alone when eating since she was starved at one point and needs time to adjust. Ally really enjoys time spent with her humans relaxing and/or romping around with a fur friend or friends. Ally we feel would do best in a household with young adults versus kids because of her rambunctious personality when playing and current infatuation with food. This super sweet girl just wants love, attention and for someone to consider her special enough to spend time with something you know she has lacked in her life.

Ally is spayed, up-to-date on all vaccines, heart worm tested negative plus microchipped. If you are interested in Ally please complete the online pre-adoption application.




Meet Pierce! Pierce was rescued off a chain weighing 27 pounds by a fellow rescuer. Pierce is approx., 3-4 years old and now a healthy 55- 60 pounds thanks to his foster family. Pierce not only suffered chained, he lived with no love or attention in the nastiest place ever laid eyes on by rescuers along with 7 other fur siblings. Pierce unsurprisingly has been tested heart worm positive, but we will be treating this sweet and loving boy. The good news is Pierce shows no clinical signs of heart worms so he will be just fine and will recover! Pierce in spite of his circumstances is friendly to all people. Its like he is seeing things for the first time off the chain and acts very puppy like naturally. He has a healthy curiosity. He is still learning leash manners and not to jump up on people. He would definitely require more work before he could be around small kids, so a family with older teens is best. He likes other dogs but does food garding which is pretty much natural after being starved, so would need to be feed separately from other dogs or be the only boy in the household. He has improved tremendously since his rescue and will require obedience training and a fenced in yard to play in. Medium energy level and seems to be fine with cats. This boy is deserving of a home that will love him and give him the kind of life he has missed out on. Pierce will be fully vetted; neutered, up-to-date on vaccines, heart worm treated and treatment to go with family who adopts him. Plus will be microchipped and receive a care package. If you are interested in giving this awesome boy named Pierce a home please go complete our online pre-adoption application.