Big Guy Elliot

Do you have a life plan? Elliot had every reason to believe his life plan was set, his Dad had picked him out of a litter of puppies in June of 2006, took him home, and for 12 years they have been best friends. His Dad fed him, taught him manners, took him on adventures and made sure that he got the best medical care…. this boy had it made and planned to live his life out with his dad. Elliot’s Dad had wanted the same thing.  Life however at times doesn’t go according to plans and Elliot found himself alone and dad now in a nursing home.  Elliot in spite of losing what was familiar handled the transition to a foster home with grace, he spent one apprehensive night then realized it was time to start a new day and to continue appreciating life. Elliot enjoys hanging out with his foster family; adult children, grandchildren and friends inside and outside and especially cuddling in the den.  He likes his 1-year foster fur sibling and even though she enjoys play constantly he agrees to play with her a couple of times a day.  He gets along with kids, cats and dogs. It will not matter to Elliot if he has a fur sibling or is an only dog in a  home.   He would be fine either way. A fenced in yard would be best so he can wander, he loves helping to rake the leaves in the yard. Elliot’s once quiet life has become quite socially active with lots of people and dogs coming and going and he is enjoying it. He loves company but just as we all do as we age an appreciation for quiet time is golden, and with extra activity he doesn’t mind if he steps away from the action a bit. Elliot is loving, quiet, good on a leash, rides well in the car, enjoys napping and sleeping on a comfy dog bed. He is tall, has a dark full coat with a small white patch on his chest, slim at 77 pounds, distinguished with a gray muzzle, a little hard of hearing, gets around well although would do best without any steps and two separate vets have told our rescue that he is a healthy guy.  Elliot is housetrained, crate trained and he can be left loose in the house, does not have accidents and he is not destructive.  Elliot is up to date on vaccinations, neutered and heartworm negative. Elliot’s foster parents said he is thriving, enjoying life and just an easy dog to care for. If you are looking for companionship, and ready for some unconditional love, and have some to give…..Elliot may be for you!!! If interested in Elliott, please complete the online pre-adoption application.