Libby Lou


Meet Libby Lou! Black Lab female, 49 pounds and approx 1 1/2 years old. Libby is a precious, sweet, loving and funny gal just needs to be handled gently and with pure love. Thus far I have gained her trust because she has shown me her precious "Smile". Yes, she is a smiling dog! She would benefit with a knowledgeable Lab companion or couple and one that would not mind giving her the time she needs to grow. Libby thus far is doing great in the house, and hates the crate and will injure herself trying to get out of one so definitely would prefer a work from home or stay-at-home. She would do great with a retired person or persons. She does has a wonderful temperament and can be left alone in the house for short periods. She truly enjoys getting belly rubs, petted on the head and just being pampered. She loves a big fluffy bed to lay on and just enjoys being with her human curled up whenever possible. Already loves treats! Not much of a leash walker so she would definitely need time with that, but fine going into a backyard to do her busy. Doesn't require a huge amount of exercise which is wonderful being she is not fond of walking on a leash. She is also very scared of anything around her neck, so using a harness is best when wanting to get her. She easily can get spooked so best to really get her acclimated to her home before being adventurous. This little gal is super special and so deserving. Libby has been fully medically vetted; spayed, up-to-date, heart worm tested negative and placed on prevention plus micro-chipped. If you are interested in Libby please go tcomplete the online pre-adoption application to be considered.




Leia is one resilient approx., two-year-old lab mix. People are drawn to her beauty, big heart, her curious presence and they often ask to give her a hug.  She is not a shy girl and is always ready to oblige all huggers.  Leia is 64 pounds and has a white coat with apricot markings, and dark soulful eyes.  She has a unique laid-back perkiness! Loves people of all ages and dogs too and she is sure that everyone loves her back. Most anywhere that Leia goes she makes herself at home very quickly.  She needs a family that has patience, can follow a routine and will love her unconditionally. Leia is house broken, and crate trained, but it is best not to crate her for long periods of time.  She will do best with a family that has a stay-at-home parent most of the day.  She is a wonderful and loving companion and loves to follow her human around, enjoys fetching, and cuddle time on the couch.  Leia is delighted when you get her leash out in hopes of going places, meeting new friends, and is a perfect car rider. She would love a fur sibling about her own size to play, wrestle, and hang out with.  A fenced in yard would be best in order for her to explore, and play.  Leia’s zest for life is seen in the joy she exudes when she finds a tennis ball or when you ask her if she wants to go out, invite her to cuddle or offer her food (another favorite thing). Her happy, positive and loving attitude has gotten her through some tough times; she and her sister were picked up starving and taken to a kill shelter, we rescued them both and helped them overcome medical obstacles.  After her adoption poor Leia had to battle yet another obstacle, she developed seizures from an oral preventative and she rejoined Southern Skies.  She is currently on anti-seizure medication. We have been working on finding the right combinations of medications to control her seizures. She has been progressing and we are working towards reducing her medications.  Leia has the strength and desire to live and enjoy life, she will make you smile all day long.  Leia has been fully vetted; spayed, up to date on all vaccines, heart worm tested negative and placed on prevention plus microchipped.

If you are interested in Leia please complete the online pre-adoption application




Meet Miss Whitney! Stunningly beautiful! Whitney is 4-5 years old, approx., 60 pounds, Golden / Australian Shepherd mix. She has the temperament of the Golden and coloring of the Australian Shepherd w Golden highlights. She is super sweet, very affectionate and tilts her head to the side while she talks to you. She has without a doubt be treated badly at one time because she can be skittish, fearful and will coward if your hand goes up to quickly so being patient with her will be important. She does love to be hugged on, petted and her belly rubbed gently. She is a very gentle, docile and just an all around calm and loving dog. She isn't fond of going into a wired crate, but does well in the house. She walks well on a leash without any pulling, rides well in a car once you help her in, loves being around other dogs and at times even doesn’t notice them around. She would be ideal in a home that can shower her with love, be with her regularly, enjoy walking with her and willing to help her adjust. If you are interested in giving this awesome gal a home please complete our online pre-adoption application.