Hello, my name is Halpert. I was named after a famous paper salesman from Scranton, Pennsylvania. I am a black lab mix puppy, approx. 16-18 weeks old, that was found out in the woods with my little sister after someone left us there alone to fend for ourselves. Our foster mom saved the day, took us home, gave us a bath, gave us yummy food(which is my favorite), plenty of toys, lots of snuggles and belly scratches, and a cozy bed to sleep in. I have been living life like a king ever since! I get along well with other dogs. I am learning my manners and do well with patient kitties also. I know to go to the door to let my foster mom know I need to go outside to go potty between regular potty breaks and I sleep in my crate at night with very little fussing when it is bedtime. I am a laid back kind of guy with big floppy ears that show off my goofy personality. I enjoy long walks, but prefer to stroll at a leisurely pace instead of running. I love to play fetch but sometimes I would rather just flop down and play with the ball instead of bringing it all the way back to you after all of that running because my little legs get tired! I enjoy playing with my toys. I especially love chewing on anything I can find to help my big teeth grow in which is why my foster Mom gives me so many toys. I sometimes chew on things I'm not supposed to, but I do well when corrected and given a toy that is okay to chew on instead. My favorite part of the day is breakfast, lunch, and dinner! I am very food motivated so teaching me tricks will be easy to do if treats are involved. I try to act like a big tough guy sometimes by showing off my big scary bark and growl if I see or hear something strange, but I am really just a gentle protector and my favorite place to nap is at the foot of my foster mom's bed to try to keep her and my little sister safe. I would love to find my forever home with someone that has lots of time to spend with me because I am a growing puppy with lots of energy and all of the potential in the world to become someone's lifelong best friend. If you are interested in Halpert please go complete a pre-adoption application. Halpert has had two set of puppy vaccines, bordetella and dewormed and microchipped. He is available to go to his forever home.