Missy is a Black Lab mix, 6 months old, approx. 35 pounds. Missy came onto a property not long ago after wandering around alone. Luckily while hungry and tired she was helped by this family along with a fellow rescuer that was called. Soon after the family suffered a devastating loss to a horrible disease and grandma had to step in for her grand kids and this young pup. Fortunately we had foster step up to help sweet Missy and now in search of a forever home. Missy is a sweet, medium energy girl. She has a beautiful, glossy coat and warm, brown eyes. She is comfortable and playful around children and enjoys other dogs, but she's not a fan of dogs that pester her to play, play, play. She's not terribly interested in cats and shows no signs of wanting to chase them when she sees them on walks. She loves squeaky toys and tennis balls. She also loves comfy places to rest, especially at her person's feet. Thus far she's done really well in the house. She had a couple of accidents the first day, but is good about going outside so nearly completely house trained. She is nervous about going into a crate, but she is treat motivated and will go on command when there's a treat involved. She'l also go in there to sleep with the door open. She loves adjusting her blankets to get comfortable. She also eats in her crate and is happy to do that. Just needs time to get used to being left alone in one. She's great with children. Clearly enjoys being with them and doesn't mind it when they wrestle or get loud. She also catches herself from jumping around them and immediately goes back down on four legs. Relentless puppies stress her out, so she prefers to be around older dogs that are less energetic and respectful. She is playful, learning to retrieve and respectful with older dogs. She will push them out of the way to get attention, but she waits her turn for a treat and doesn't attempt to snatch any treats away. She shows no signs of any food aggression. She pulls slightly on a leash, rides good in a vehicle and not a barker. She is learning cues like "sit" and "get in your bed" and doing well with it. She is a sweet girl, wonderful puppy for anyone willing to spend some time with her. Missy is fully medically vetted; spayed, up-to-date on all vaccines, on prevention plus will be microchipped. If you are interested in giving this gal a home please go to our website and complete the online pre-adoption application http://www.southernskiesrescue.org