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Riggins is a 5 ½ year old that is a wonderful mix of Lab, Great Pyrenees, and Shepherd. He is big at 105 pounds but also very sweet-tempered, playful, goofy and a loving boy. Riggins is an indoor dog that is house and crate trained but also loves running and chasing squirrels in a fenced in yard. Among Riggins favorite things are; people (especially children) mealtime, playing with other dogs, taking walks, and going to parks and public spaces because he loves meeting people and especially those that are agreeable to petting him, he is extremely well behaved on these outings so a total social butterfly. Among Riggins dislikes are delivery people, the mailman and cats that dart in front of him on walks. If Riggins was introduced properly to a cat he may be fine. The cues that he knows are sit, stay, drop it, up (to get in the car) and stay with me, (useful when he tries to pick up the pace on a walk). Riggins is devoted, affectionate and gentle and will bark when he hears noises outside to alert his family. His mix of breeds contributes to being protective of his family in their home. It would not be ideal if there is another dog in the household that barks a lot or is quick to bark. Riggins would do best with another dog that is calm and easy going. It is hard to imagine that a lanky 105-pound dog would like to be a lap dog, but on occasion he will climb up on your lap if you let him. His adoptive family will need to have experience with large breed dogs, and be positive and consistent with their training and expectations of him. He needs a family that has the time to give him plenty of attention, love, exercise, social outings, direction and a large fenced in yard to romp around in. Every moment and every bit of love that is given to Riggins will come back to the family tenfold. If you are interested in this awesome giant boy please go to our online pre-adoption application. Riggins is fully medically vetted; neutered, up-to-date on all vaccines, heart worm tested negative plus placed on prevention and microchipped.

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