Little Red

Meet Little Red! He is a small package of 35-40 pounds, a gorgeous boy Boxer mixed with sugar! He is one of the most awesome dogs I have ever known and after having him for a period of time I can truly say he is smart, very affectionate and funny too. He is quiet, pretty well mannered and enjoys running and playing with all size dogs. He gives you no trouble at all. He is treat motivated so easy to train and has already learned basic cues like sit, come and get in your kennel. He is wonderful little dog that would make a great companion dog to individual that would love to have a dog to hang out with. He would do well with a family with teens. He loves to run fast so small toddlers and young children would not be a good fit, but older and teens he would love to pal around with. Little Red would do well in a household with other dogs and thus far he is a round a chicken he ignores. Hasn't been tested around cats, but I suspected he could learn to get along with them too. Little Red is just too cute when he raises his cheek to you to ask you to give him a kiss. At times he just wants you to pet him and rub his belly. He also enjoys a game of hide and seek. He is not much of a retriever, but he loves to play keep away with a tennis ball or toy. To see Little Red in action visit our videos. If interested in Little Red please go pre-adoption application.