Outlaw is a 2-3 year-old, very smart, cute 38-pound yellow lab mix who knows what he likes. He loves women and is beginning to trust men a little more every day. He prefers to eat his dinner off the floor, or he may carry his bowl to the screened porch and eat there. He loves playing with other dogs, he is a huge fan of belly rubs, cuddling, and going for walks. When on walks he now enjoys having people pet him especially kids. Outlaw likes his crate and considers it his private room, it’s stocked with his favorite toys, and he has picked out various pieces of laundry and taken them to his crate. He is a big fan of the screened in porch, and the swinging bed on the porch, he has been known to drag his blanket through the house from his crate to the porch. Outlaw does not chew or destroy any thing, but he does like to rearrange things. This smart boy has not had any training, but he is treat motivated, listens well, likes to please and would love to learn. He is working on house training and getting better. Outlaw is okay with taking a shower, he thinks towel time is pretty good, but he loves being brushed and never wants you to stop. He stands tall and holds his head up just enjoying every minute. Outlaw loves being outdoors, he would love a family that also enjoys outdoor activities, and he would appreciate a fenced in yard. He has a moderate activity level, a nap always follows a big walk, but he is excited to go anytime you are ready. Outlaw is good with cats; he pretty much ignores them even when they are in the same room. This boy would like a family with children or an active couple or single, but a dog sibling who likes to play would be a huge plus for him. When he was taken into the shelter as a stray he was with a buddy, we rescued Outlaw and his buddy Bo, when the two arrived at Southern Skies they had some time to play prior to the fosters picking them up. His friend had a blue stuffed squeaky toy that Outlaw thought he really needed. He found another stuffed toy and set it down just out of the reach of his friend, when his buddy went for the bait, he stole the blue squeaky toy, a pretty good bait and switch!! Outlaw takes some time to adjust to change and likes to sit in his crate with the door open to help him with the changes. He prefers women and the men in his new family will need to be patient and I’m sure he will come around. He does not exhibit any aggression and really does not bark, if he is in the backyard at night and hears a coyote or other animal he may howl. Outlaw is neutered, microchipped and all vaccines are up to date.