Little Red

I know I am not a Labrador and managed to get hooked up with a Lab rescue, but I'm cute, funny and a good boy. You see I was on my own running on a busy highway when a good man saved me from a fast moving truck. Thank goodness my life was spared and now I can get a home! My name is Little Red! They tell me I am a Boxer mixed with possible greyhound because I run so fast, but most likely Jack Russell Terrier! I have a bubbly personality and I am very affectionate and funny too. I'm quiet, pretty well mannered and enjoy running and playing. I am definitely treat motivated and still need some training since I am still young, but they say I am a wonderful little dog. I am told I would not do so well around toddlers because I am so fast when I run that I can easily knock one over and maybe just a bit much for them. I would however be ideal for a family with older children,  teens or young adults. I would be great as the only dog or one of two. I am good with dogs of all sizes.  I am affectionate especially with all people and sometimes a little shy. I am told I'm a small package and won't get that big possibly around 40 to 45 pounds the most. I blushed when I was told I will not only be a great companion, but a cuddle bug!