Please be sure to complete the full application to be considered. You may also download the application and email it back to us.

I am willing to foster the following (check all that apply):

If you are willing to foster a dog/puppy w/ a behavior problem, please check the areas you are able to work with or have experience in:

As a foster parent, you will be required to have an indoor housing area for your foster dog(s) in which you can place an appropriate sized crate.  The crate will be used anytime your foster dog(s) is without appropriate supervision. In addition, when outside, your foster dog(s) must either be confined within a secure fence or on a leash and all outdoor activity must be supervised. At NO time should your foster dog(s) be left outside alone or held by means of tethering. By submitting this application, you agree that you will abide by these provisions and understand that the animal is the property of Southern Skies Labrador Rescue & Adoption Inc. (SSLR).  SSLR  has the right to reclaim the animal at any time for any reason we feel appropriate.

As a foster parent, the length of time you may have an animal in your care will be determined by your availability and the needs of the animal which you are fostering. However, this amount of time is subject to change depending on unforeseen circumstances. If you know you will be out of town during the period of time you are asked to foster, you must inform SSLR as such in order to allow adequate time to find the most suitable temporary accommodations for your animal. While you are caring for foster animal(s), we may call you to check on the animal(s)’ progress and address any concerns you may have. We request that you respond to any phone calls or emails you receive from us in a timely manner. By submitting this form, you agree to the above statements and certify that the answers given above are true.