Meet Miss Whitney! Stunningly beautiful! Whitney is 4-5 years old, approx., 60 pounds, Golden / Australian Shepherd mix. She has the temperament of the Golden and coloring of the Australian Shepherd w Golden highlights. She is super sweet, very affectionate and tilts her head to the side while she talks to you. She has without a doubt be treated badly at one time because she can be skittish, fearful and will coward if your hand goes up to quickly so being patient with her will be important. She does love to be hugged on, petted and her belly rubbed gently. She is a very gentle, docile and just an all around calm and loving dog. She isn't fond of going into a wired crate, but does well in the house. She walks well on a leash without any pulling, rides well in a car once you help her in, loves being around other dogs and at times even doesn’t notice them around. She would be ideal in a home that can shower her with love, be with her regularly, enjoy walking with her and willing to help her adjust. If you are interested in giving this awesome gal a home please complete our online pre-adoption application.