Hi! I’m Gentry and I’m new here, but I’ve had quite the adventure so far! I’m only 5 months old, a Lab/Golden/Pyrenees mix they keep telling me and already 40 pounds! They say I’m probably going to be a really big boy over 80 pounds at least once fully grown. I was found as a stray by a nice family and then made my way into Southern Skies Lab Rescue and now with my foster family. I am one good-looking fella and I can tell because my foster mom has a big mirror that I love looking at myself in! lol My favorite things are toys, food, and watching TV cuddled up next to my foster dad or mom if dad isn’t around that day. I will definitely need a nice big fenced yard to play in and someone who can make sure I get regular exercise (even though I’d rather just watch Netflix – I’m pretty laid-back), but will need that exercise to stay fit. Did I mention that I’m also really smart? I’m working on this thing called housetraining, and I already know how to sit on command and picking up things quick! Oh, and there’s this word I hear a lot – it’s called “no” – and I know it means to stop whatever it is I’m doing no matter how much fun it is. I also get along well with other dogs so I wouldn’t be opposed to sharing my humans with a doggie sister or brother. My foster mom says I’m just the cutest little love bug and I deserve the best home there is! If you are interested in adopting me, I am now officially part of the SSLR puppy program so first you must complete the online pre-adoption application to get approved so please go to the website I won't be ready to go to a forever home until February the 22nd or 23rd, but applications are now being accepted.