Shiloh and Samson

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These two gorgeous, sweet bonded 4-year-old brothers are in need of a forever home. Life at times has away of throwing curb balls and for these two they have had an amazing loving family, but unfortunately has developed health issues. Our hope is to find a home that will adopt these beautiful loving boys together. They have been close brothers for 3 years and would love to stay together. They are both used to being mainly indoors with outdoor time. They must have a fenced in yard for them to run and play. Both enjoy being petted by their humans, having their bellies rubbed, going on long walks, riding in a car and just spending time playing with other dogs, children and just being part of a loving and caring family. Shiloh – Is approx., 4-years-old, yellow Labrador Retriever mix, neutered and weighs approximately 80 pounds. He is a very loving, intelligent and loyal companion. He is trained in obedience and agility and received a Good Citizen Certificate. He is house broken and crate trained. He enjoys working for treats. He will alert you by barking when he hears anything outside. Does well playing with children and other dogs. He sits upright while riding in the car and once in awhile will poke his head out the window to enjoy the fresh air. Going on long walks is his all-time favorite thing to do. While enjoying the outdoors, he will get a burst of energy and run like a gazelle in a large fenced in yard. He enjoys playing with a Frisbee and will bring it back so he can play some more. Shiloh can be a little skittish at times and easily frightened.  Shiloh will lie out in the yard basking in the sun and does not like being left alone outdoors for long periods of time. Most of all, he best quality is being a loyal companion who wants to please and just to be your best friend. Shiloh would be a perfect therapy dog.

Samson – 4-year-old AKC registered Labrador Retriever, neutered and weighs approximately 70 pounds. He is a very happy, energetic, playful and fun-loving dog. He will smother you with hugs and kisses. Enjoys having his belly rubbed. Trained in obedience. He is house broken and crate trained. He does well with children or other dogs. He enjoys playing with toys and playing fetch in a fenced in yard; that is his favorite activity. He loves to retrieve whatever is thrown or tossed and like most labs, will look for a pool of water to cool off. Samson is very inquisitive and will lurk around the house looking for something to do. Both are neutered, up-to-date on all vaccinations, tested negative for heart worms, on prevention for both heart worms and flea/tick and are microchipped.

If you are interested in adopting these two amazing boys Shiloh and Samson please complete the pre-adoption application

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