Darlene Clementine


Oh my darling, oh my darling Clementine! You will just want to sing this to this pretty gal. Darlene appears to be mostly Chesapeake Bay/ Lab Retriever, is approx. 8 years old, 65 pounds on the thin side and should be around 70 - 75 pounds. She has no health issues that we know of other than she is thin and needs to gain some weight. She is one sweet gal that obviously by all accounts has endured much in her lifetime. Darlene is a sweet and loving dog. She rides well in a car, walks good on a leash and seems to be just a laid back gal. She is at first a little unsure of herself, but its something she will overcome with love and understanding. Darlene was obviously mistreated with an old injury sustained to her left eyeball. It appears she may have been struck to where he eye popped out and pushed back. The injury she sustained to the left eyeball it unrepairable, but it doesn't stop her from being the lovely dog she is. It does have her hesitate and take more caution.