Cooper is a 5-year-old full bred yellow lab that is very energetic and loving. We are rehoming him due to unfortunate family circumstances and his need to require adequate time around his people.   Cooper was adopted as a young puppy so we have some history.  We are told since an early age Cooper loved to climb up in your lap and just sit down.  He loves running around outside in the yard playing various games such as fetch and catch me if you can.  One of his favorite things to fetch are tennis balls.  He will keep bringing you the ball until your arm is tired of throwing it, so you need to let Cooper know when it’s time to quit. When he’s not running around outside he enjoys lying in the grass just relaxing in the sun. Cooper also enjoys water, and is a great swimmer.  Although he loves to swim, he does get a little shy when it comes to bath time. Cooper is an inside dog and loves being with his people and he knows when he is inside to just sit and relax. You will never find a moment where Cooper is not laying on the floor beside you, sitting on the couch with you, or at the table. Cooper does not have a mean bone in his body, good around others and will always greet anyone at the door with love and curiosity.  Cooper rarely jumps up, but if you ask him for a hug then he will gladly jump up to give you one. Cooper is great around other dogs especially other labs or dogs his size. He grew up his whole life around a seven-year-old black lab female. He enjoys playing with other dogs and would enjoy one’s company.  Cooper is very calm and aware when being around children. He has been with a child as young as two-year-old, and has never had an issue.  Cooper knows basic cues/commands such as sit, shake, and lay down. He is always open for learning new things.  All together Cooper is a loving and devoted Lab that enjoys playing inside and outside.  He is a great family dog and would prefer a home that has a big fenced in yard to play in.  He would love a home where he could get lots of attention, exercise and playtime plus a work-from-home or stay-from-home family member would be an added bonus.